“Futures in Fortune” written by CH.E. (Alice Goldberg)

I am a poet. In times of crises and in times of joy writing is my healing. It brings me into a state of meditation and structures my thoughts, the direction I am going. Through this extrem change of history and the enormes shift of society my desire to write…

Foto by: The wine photographer (Instagram: @drinkinmoderation)

Buying wine in the supermarket or wine shops is a challenge as you are not able to try the wine before buying. So what kind of indicators, references can we find on the bottle to estimate the quality of the wine? …

Picture made by the winemaker Matthias Knebel — Premium winery Knebel at the Terrassenmosel, Germany

Surrounded by his best clients, he spoke in a calm and soft voice, standing in his own, old cellar: “ I am the king. Not the customer.” I will never forget this tingly, paradox moment, when Reinhard Heymann-Löwenstein said this sentence.

Let’s talk about leadership, about managers and their characters…

Alice Goldberg

I will not stop until all my people are free. #freedom #poetry

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