I am a poet. In times of crises and in times of joy writing is my healing. It brings me into a state of meditation and structures my thoughts, the direction I am going. Through this extrem change of history and the enormes shift of society my desire to write became stronger. People in forced isolation, pushed away from distraction of the outside world, even more absorbed by technology. Eyes are not made to look at little screens. We are made to inhale the huge dimensions of this planet, to connect daily to nature. Suddenly someone tells you to stay at home. Terror. The urge to write and to share a message, to share loneliness and experiences is rising. To underline this introduction and to let you feel darkness, here my first poem of this article:

While the world’s situation is splitting society and more extreme opinions are present in our everyday life, it is difficult to talk in universal ways. People feel they have to take sides, some are just swimming with the crowd, not able and not willing to build their own point of view. Critical questions and discussions were yesterday. Instead we are silent….or silenced, face to face communication is not existing. Instead of union and conversations that could lead to solutions we are drowning in topics of absurd nonsense, like gender roles or to put some fire in the media we are using feminist talks to entertain. I thought we are over all that already. Stronger. Because every time you put a specific topic in the center of attention it will create extreme opinions, putting gasoline in the burning hell. Instead of letting something naturally develop and heal, the desperate and forced will to change for example gender vocabulary, makes the topic ridiculous. I thought we are ready and one. But instead we choose to go back. The journey is the goal. I know everyone is able to heal, to stop and stare. Everyone is able to listen to their heart, to connect to body and mind.

To end this article I want to present you my second poem. Which in contrast represents light and hope.

I think writing means freedom. To connect. Keep up the fight.

Let’s live the year of revolution — 2021.

Yours faithfully,

Alice Goldberg



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